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Signature Martinis: Crafted Elegance at The Hive Bar & Restaurant.



Double Espresso Martini - A captivating fusion of rich espresso and premium spirits. Velvety smooth and bold.

White Chocolate Martini - A luxurious cocktail that combines the velvety sweetness of white chocolate with premium spirits. Served chilled, it offers a smooth and indulgent taste.

Ruby Slipper - A delightful ruby-red concoction that sparkles with every sip. Served over ice and garnished to perfection.

Perfect Manhattan - Artfully combining the smoothness of premium whiskey with the balanced sweetness of vermouth and a touch of aromatic bitters.

Cosmopolitan - A delightful fusion of premium vodka, tangy cranberry juice, zesty lime, and a hint of orange liqueur.

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